Bankey Bihari Temple

Bankey Bihari Temple : One of the most adorable temple of Lord BANKEY BIHARI in Vrindavan, Swami Haridasa, an eminent saint caused to appear the Lord Bankey Bihari at Nidhivana his hard penance and melodious, sublime musical art and thus augmented the glory of Vrindavan
As a matter of fact, BANKEY BIHARI TEMPLE belonged to the poor Saraswat Brahmins. Owing to their poverty they (poor Saraswat Brahmins) handed over this temple to the GOSWAMIS for 500/Rs only. Later on, GOSWAMIS too, became incapable to look after the temple and became unable to do the priesthood as Well as service of this temple. Seeing this critical situation, a prosperous and Wealthy MARWARI man of Kolkata (India) named Haragoo Lal Seth renovated the temple and undertook the responsibilities of maintaining all kind of arrangements and works of the temple. He made the arrangement of BHOG (a kind of sacred food offered in the service of Lord BANKEY BIHARI). Seth Hargoo Lal provides this facility of BHOG even now. Now the temple is under the supervision and priesthood of GOSWAMIS.

The Temple is opened at 9a.m. and is closed at 1p.m. Again it is opened at 5p.m. and is closed at 9p.m. after SHAYAN ARTI (vespers).Many famous annual festivals are organized and celebrated with great pomp and show in this temple time to time. One of the chief annual festivals is HARIYALI TEEJ, a festival of the rainy season when the Idol of Lord Bankey Bihari together with GOPIS are placed on the special swing of gold and silver and moved to and fro. Thousands of visitors or pilgrims came and catch the divine glimpse of Lord Bankey Bihari in an excellent pose of swinging in the marvelous swing to and fro every year this day